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The Secrets of Higher Vertical Jump


Vertical jump is used as measurement to determine athletes’ performance. The higher they can jump, the better they perform. Vertical jump is used for such purpose not only because most athletic events involve vertical jump as one of their primary movements. You can learn more about how to jump higher by reading about and practicing jump manual, but also because vertical jump ability is affected by strength and flexibility, both of which are important aspects of those events.

If you wish to learn to jump higher, there are actually not many rigorous exercises that you have to do. In fact, by performing plyometric exercises, which barely require any instruments, and simple weight training, you can improve your vertical jump by several inches.

Plyometric Training that Helps You Jump Higher

Jump Manual – By performing plyometric training, you try to develop your muscular power and flexibility and you want your muscle to respond to flexing and contracting much faster. Plyometric regimens that are recommended in a jump training program usually consist of skipping, hopping and jumping training. The following are two effective plyometric exercises that will help you improve your vertical jumping height.

Jump Manual

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian split squat is an effective exercise to improve your legs’ muscle strength as well as your balance. You need a bench or a box to do this exercise. Place the bench behind you, put one of your feet on the bench and let the other foot touch the ground. Afterwards, slowly lower your body so that the leg that touches the ground bends on its knee and the knee of the leg that is on the bench touches the ground. Return to the initial position and you have completed one rep. You can also carry dumbbells to improve the force. 3 sets of 8 reps on each leg are enough to get perceivable result.

Depth Jump

Depth jump is an effective exercise to allow your muscle to contract faster and harder. You start this exercise by standing on a box that is six to eight inches high. Afterwards, you step off the box and immediately after you touch the ground, you have to explode upward and make a jump. Be sure that you don’t jump from the box and that your knees don’t bend when touching the ground. This is why you need to use a box with reasonable height.

Vertical jump

The key of an optimal vertical jump in the jump manual is practicing vertical jump. This exercise is meant not only to help you improve your vertical jump ability, but also to teach you about how to jump properly. There are two secrets of a successful vertical jump: counter-movement of the legs and arm swings during take-off. By bending and lowering your knees quickly before jumping, you can move your body’s center of mass downward before allowing it to spring upward. By swinging your arms, you complete the springing movement and your arms will help pull your body upward.

Learning to jump higher is not a complicated activity. Many of the required exercises can be done without having to visit a gym and to use its instruments.