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The History of and Some Companies Offering Same Day Interstate


Same day refers to some services that are provided by certain company, in this case is shipping company, and also completed on the same day as the day when the customers ask for. Same day delivery is available in some local courier. The air and rail transport support this same day interstate to cover some long distances. You can come to the courier in the morning and make it complete the delivery service in the same day. However, you need to pay for higher cost when compared to the conventional delivery service.

History of Same Day Delivery

There are some online grocers that operate to give this service. They are Webvan and AmazonFresh. Some delivery services that are operated by some grocery stores such as Safeway and Peapond also do the same. The more interesting fact is that it happens in local restaurants delivery services. Some online food ordering services help the customers to get the foods they want without getting out from their house or office. This is a significant expanded service of the restaurants.

same day interstate

It was in 2010 when some experimental services launched. They used online shopping and chain stores local or retail warehouses. This was a great solution for the consumers to save money. The US Postal Service, Metro Post, was shipping to 15 cities for the Amazon orders by 2014 from 2012. In 2013, it was also noted that Walmart was also shipping same day packages to some cities via UPS. In addition, one hour local delivery service was surprisingly operated by Kozmo.com. The services are for small items. However, this innovative service failed in 2001 and operated only 3 years.

Same Day Delivery Development

In 2011, Postmates, a same day retail service, began their operation. In 2013, Google Express also began the same service for limited cities and vendors. Amazon Prime Now followed with their special 1 hour delivery. This began by September 2015. Amazon operates in 13 cities until the Amazon Flex was launched to give similar services to Postmates. They employ part time workers to complete the delivery jobs.

Some other companies followed the steps taken by those innovative companies of delivering goods in a short time. Some transportation network companies, such as Sidecar and Uber begin to serve retail point-to-point courier service. They also work for immediately delivery services for some items ordered via online from some local vendors. There are also some startups offering similar services, such as WeDeliver in Chicago, Deliv in San Francisco and Shutl in Chicago and Manhattan.