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Ear Infections in Babies


Otitis media is one of the types of ear infections that are being experienced by various individuals especially children. It usually occurs in children because their body does not yet have the complete nutrition that they need. To understand more about ear infections and its symptoms or signs you must know first the structure of the inner ear.

The Eustachian tube or small tube is where the inner ear is connected. In normal conditions, the small tube is always open. This gives unwanted fluids and debris the freedom to drain the ear and also the back of the throat. And when the tube fails to drain, that is the time that germs and bacteria are trapped in the inner ear, resulting to ear infections in babies.

What Causes Ear Infections in Babies?

Ear Infections in Babies

Bacteria and viruses cause ear infections in babies. It occurs when certain fluids is formed in the area of eardrum. Usually, any kinds of fluids that may enter the ear will automatically go through the Eustachian tube that connects into the middle ear to the back of the throat and nose. But when the Eustachian tube is congested, the fluids will get trapped and stay in the middle ear. This usually happens when there is the presence of sinus infections and colds.

Generally, germs develop in wet, dark and warm areas, and the middle ear is the perfect area that germs want to live. When the infection is getting worse, irritation in the eardrum is getting worse as well. This condition is one of the reasons why individuals experience pain in their ears. Due to this condition, your baby will suffer from fever. Pacifiers can also cause ear infections. Studies show that the number of children who make use of pacifier is greater than the number of children who did not make use of it.

Symptoms or Signs of Ear Infections in Babies

Usually Cry or Crankiness

This is one of the symptoms of ear infections in babies. This is a clue for the parents that their baby is sick or experiencing discomfort. Actually two or more additive ear infection signs will always be occur when your baby is suffering from this. And when there are times that your baby is crying a lot of times, the finest thing that you should do is check the other signs or symptoms of this illness.

Fever that gets higher than 101 degrees

Actually fever is the way of the body to fight viruses and bad bacteria that make ear infections worse. But there are medicines that you can give for your baby to treat fever, and this are the Tylenol and Motrin. But when the medicines did not work to your baby, it would be best if you bring your baby into the hospital to check by the doctors.

Difficulty in hearing and also to balance

Ear infection causes difficulty in hearing and to balance. That is why you can see that your baby is falling or does not have the sense of balance when they are crawling or sitting. Difficulty in hearing is not good for the baby. You must also check the other signs or symptoms of this infection to have a complete medication for your baby.