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Some Causes of Pimples


Cause of Pimple

Women must care of their appearance. They will feel bad when they have pimple on some parts of face. Women should know what they must do.

Before you do some actions, you better know what causes pimples are. Pimple is known as spot or zit. It is small skin lesion and inflammation of the skin.

Most experts say that the one of the causes of pimples is bacteria. Most of women don’t wash their face in good way so it can cause pimples in bad condition. If you read in some articles you will know that the cause of pimple is when sebaceous gland that is located at the base becomes overactive. You can get pimple on back, chest and face too. Most people know pimple as the starting of acne. When we are looking for cause pimple, we can relate first with some medical condition to see the real cause of pimple on your body part.

  • First we can relate it with acne. As it is said above, pimple is related with acne because it is the first sign of acne.
  • Second, we must relate pimple with cysts below your face or back surface.
  • Third, the pimple may relate with the producing of yellow and shiny bump on your face.
  • Fourth, pimple will be related with the slow growing of tumor. It is usually in pink color, and flesh colored.

What causes pimples on the face

What causes pimples on your pretty face? When pimples occur on your face, you can’t cover it directly with powder because you will make your pimple becomes worst. It is better for you to know the remedies and then prevent so pimple will not occur again on your face.

Most people say that the causes of pimples on face are when you eating chocolate, sugary foods, fried and greasy foods. The other people say that the common cause of pimple on your face is because the overproduction of oil on your face. The expert never sees relation between eating chocolate with acne or pimple.

Expert says that the cause of pimple is the imbalance hormonal in the body that will support the production of oil on your body. It happens on puberty time or during the menstrual cycle or maybe during the pregnancy. When you are stress, it can cause pimple or acne too on your face.

What causes pimples on back?

It is similar with the causes of pimples on face, the causes of pimple on back according to some people are caused of fatty foods, stress, oily foods, genes and excessive sweating. What causes pimples on back exactly? Actually there is no scientific or clear explanation about the cause of pimple on back.

The experts just give you some treatments that you can do when you get pimples on back. You need to wash your back with anti bacterial cleanser. You should not use regular soap because it makes your face dry. Second, you can use benzoyl peroxide gel or cream to reduce the pimple. Third, you can use alpha hydroxide treatment too but you better see the prescription.