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2016 Britax Boulevard ClickTight Review


Children need adults to care about them since they are not able to take care of themselves just yet. A prove of lovingness and caring from the adults to children is by providing them with a highly comfortable convertible car seat inside the car so that they can seat peacefully and safely while the adults are taking them to places by driving cars.

The britax boulevard clicktight can be one of the best choices to use to give it to your children to prove of your caring and lovingness. Here below is the review on the convertible seat.

Britax Boulevard 2016

General Information of Britax Boulevard ClickTight

There are some basic information you need to know regarding the britax boulevard clicktight. Firstly, you need to know that in a slight look, the design of this convertible seat is similar to advocate clicktight and marathon g4.

However that does not mean that there is nothing new in this boulevard convertible car seat, because there is! Other than the fact that this is a convertible seat, meaning you can rear-facing it or turn it around and make it forward-facing, the boulevard clicktight is also good in terms of safety.

That is because of the clicktight system. For a lover of britax clicktight series, it is common to know how the clicktight works.

Clicktight System

The britax boulevard clicktight manual dictates that the clicktight system is available to make it easier to set up. It is in fact very true. The installation of the convertible seat takes approximately two minutes.

This quick and easy installation make parents fall in love with the system and many are looking forward to have it. The installation is really easy because you only need to open the clicktight which is placed below the seat, then make way for the belt to slide through the slots and connect it likewise, that is it!

How simple is that? That is one to admire, but the boulevard clicktight holds more secret which is about to be revealed.

Britax Boulevard Clicktight Features

Britax car seatOne of the features that the britax boulevard clicktight has for you is the quick-adjust 14 position of harness, while the marathon clicktight has only 12-position.

The surprises do not stop there, because more to tell, the boulevard car seat‘s height can be extended to 18.65”. To be even safer, make sure that your child’s position does not extend the seat.

That is why before buying the product, you have to know the height and weight limitation, because each product has different standard to offer.

These features can be yours once you are placing the order right away. Buy the Britax Boulevard is an advantage on its own. The system which is a very easy set up system, completed with extending height and many more beneficial features, is a great choice for your child.

The britax boulevard clicktight sale starts in US$300.00. Even with US$340.00 you can already buy one package of the convertible car seat and its necessary accessories such as seat protector, waterproof liner and convertible child cup holder.